Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ready To Hoist! Bo The Welder, Where Are You!!

One genuine disadvantage about having BTW on Team MattMobile is that he makes everything look really easy. Deceptively easy. The reason this sucks is because I'll watch him do something, and say to myself "That didn't look that hard, I'm sure I could do that." Then when I try it myself, it turns out it's a REAL pain in the neck.

More on this in a second.

This is the current state of the union. I've spent the last couple sessions cleaning up the garage, and pretty much removing anything that isn't the chassis or the shell. Reason being is that we're going to need all available room to put the shell onto the chassis. It would be hard to do with a ton of stuff under the shell, which is usually the case.

Here you can see the final state of the hoist. I built a little wooden "H" shaped thingie to go inside the cockpit. All of the weight of the car will go on this. The are arms that go a few feet up and down the length of the car, so all the weight isn't just resting on a 4X4.

One of the things that Bo makes look really easy is the use of the Sawzall. He just cuts straight through stuff. Fast. Like a boss.

Which is why I figured trimming the frame on the front and rear would be no problem. After all, Bo could do this in about five minutes. An hour later, and about six sawzall blades later, I finally got it done. One of the cuts is just awful, but I'll fix it as necessary. The point is, the shell should fit.

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