Thursday, June 14, 2012

RebelScum Strikes Again!!!!

It's great to have good friends. Especially when they own industrial sized laser cutters and have a creative mind. :D

Today when I opened my door to head out to the gym, I found this leaning up against it.

I was a little surprised, as I couldn't think of anything I had on order lately, especially something concerning the MattMobile. I set it inside, and went to the gym, thus giving me time to savor the unboxing experience.

I cut through a few layers of cardboard to reveal this piece of amazingness:

Courtesy of Philip Wise, my good pal from who has been providing me with laser cutting services and good advice for many years now. Thanks SO much Philip for putting this together for me! It will get a place of honor on the back wall of my garage, and will be featured in an upcoming video. I'm really stoked!!

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