Saturday, November 17, 2007

Electronics Leg Work

In order to get this thing fully lit up, Christmas Tree Style, it's important to make sure everything is not only going to work, but it's got to fit properly.

The first thing I did was fire up the electronics to make sure they function properly.

As usual, I've put together a little youTube video to show them off.

In addition to the three main circuit boards that make up the guts of the tricorder, there are also four separate LEDS that need to be put into place and then wired to the main board. It took me a bit of experimentation to figure out that they were all different colors! I labled them up so I could keep track of them. Here's what one looks like.

In order to minimize the amount of body material I would need to dremel out in order to make the LEDs fit, I filed down the PC boards that the LEDs are mounted on as far as they would go. Didn't want to risk sanding away any of the leads, so it was slow going.

The LED you see above is the one that goes inside the door. So the next step is to dremel out the door so that it's going to fit well.

Here is what the door looks like from the inside, after I had done all the clean up work. I ended up removing one of the mounting posts for the back panel, but that's OK as I plan on gluing it in place anyhow.

I test fitted the LED as I went along, and it ended up fitting perfectly. This was after I spent some time cleaning up the rectangular hole that the LED will be exposed through.

So far so good. Still some clean up work to do, but it's coming along.

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