Friday, November 23, 2007

Resin Bits

Since I had some troubles with the side detail mold, I thought it would be prudent to approach the larger molds with a keen eye towards preservation. For all I know, the mold is going to completey crumble upon my first pull.

With that in mind, I set about making some resin castings of the smaller detail pieces. My thought process being that the finer details would be the first thing to go, should the mold decide to collapse. If I have resin castings of those pieces, I can always mold them and cast them up again later.

Here's one half of the mold. I sprayed in some primer to the areas I was planning on molding. Not only is the primer acting as a mold release, but it will also mean that the parts coming out of the mold are already primered.

For the record, this is a "stuido" mold. It was made for use in the movie, but was acquired by yours truly years later. Nice!

Here's the resin parts I got out of it. they all came out pretty nicely. I mixed up more resin than I needed, so I ended up brushing it into the mold, just to see what kind of results I would get. I pulled it out way to early (That's what she said - Michael Scott) and it ended up warping a bit, but I don't really mind. It was just a test.

In other news, my order of 1630 showed up today, so I'll probably do a pull from the molds shortly. Should be fun!

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