Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Hinges

I only spent about an hour on the tricorder tonight. I was wrapped up in a couple of other things, including going to the gym. However, I made some good progress.

The putty had a full night to cure, which made it hard as a rock. I snapped it off the styrene jig I had built, and it looked very nice.

A little bit of clean up later, and it's ready for some hinges.

Not pictured, but I slapped some putty on the door recesses, and used my jig again to get those all sorted out.

I then very carefully lined up the two halves of the tricorder, and taped them together with a styrene shim in between. Then it was off to the drill press to drill out holes for the wires.

I first seated the center hinge, and tried to line it up as perfectly as possible with the split between the body and the door. Then I added in the negative wire hinge. Of course, I tested the wires for conductivity before gluing it in place, and it worked well. There's no flicker to the light at all when I move the hinge. This makes me extra glad that I ended up replacing the hinges.

That's it for tonight. I'll do the final hinge and drill out the screw holes next.

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