Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Body Work

Before I took a break, I finished sanding some putty down on the back panel of the main body. This was the part where it looked like the makers of the kit went a little dremel crazy and took off more than they meant to. No sweat, as the putty holds on really well. Here I'm just holding the two halves in place to make sure that the putty covers everything it needs to. Notice that there's putty on the left and right of the top opening.

Just before I headed upstairs, I decided to make an opening for the magnet. This will serve a couple of purposes. Not only will it hold the lid closed, but it will also manage the reed switch, which is responsible for turning the electronics on and off when the door opens or closes.

I started by drilling a hole in the recess, then finished expanding the hole with my dremel tool. The magnet sits just below the surface. In this picture, it's not yet glued in. The magnet was slightly too big for the opening. Rather than expand the opening further, and running the risk of ruining the walls of the recess, I took the magnet over to my sander and knocked it down a little. God bless Ryobi tools!!!

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