Sunday, November 18, 2007

More Putty

Before I headed up from the garage, I did one more putty pass at the door. There was a little hole in the corner that I wanted to fix.

Here's the piece prior to sanding, but after putty was laid in.

And since I've got your attention, I thought I would show off a couple of the tools of the trade. First up is the exacto blade I use to lay in putty. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but in case you have trouble envisioning what it looks like, here's a picture.

Lastly, here's another one of my favorite tools when building resin kits. Compressed air! Before I get started each day, I blast away all of the filings, shavings, dust and powder that have accumulated while working. It's great stuff, and makes for a nice clean work space.

That's about it for now. Today is my birthday, so I've got some partying to do! Probably won't be much more time for tricorder action, but that's cool. Tomorrow should be a decent building day.

Thanks for reading!

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