Saturday, November 17, 2007

Putty Magic

I've done enough work on the body panels to have a good idea of where some putty work needs to be done, so it's high time to get to it.

For reference, I use the best possible putty that money can buy. It's a product from Evercoat, and you can only buy it in automotive supply stores. Not Pep Boys or anything like that. Only a legit, hard core paint or body supply place will sell this. You can probably find it online if you try.

It looks like there were a few Quality Control issues with the back panel of the top half. They dremelled out some flash from the back of this piece, and along the way took a few chunks out. I'll need to fill those in.

I filled in the pin holes I showed earlier, and sanded them smooth. The Evercoat putty dries very quickly, in about five minutes it's ready for sanding. I use 300 grit sand paper to take the putty down. It's slow going, but it's better to take your time with it and do it right, than to use a more coarse paper and end up sanding away part of your project.

Here's the door all sanded, and blasted with a coat of Plasti-Kote grey primer. I find the grey primer very helpful in revealing flaws that I will want to address prior to painting.

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