Friday, November 23, 2007

Installing The Hinges

Now that my hinge well depth problem was taken care of, it was time to get the hinges in to place. Again.

I started by filing down the hinges a bit. I wanted to have a little more wiggle room within the wells so that I could get them all lined up perfectly. I rounded out the edges of the hinges, and also took a little bit of material off from each side.

Here's the center hinge glued into place with a tiny bit of epoxy

I used a piece of styrene cut from the border of a sheet to align the hinges as the epoxy dried. Because this was a pretty darn straight edge, I knew I could rely on it to provide quality alignment.

Here's how all three hinges looked once the glue was dry.

However, opening the tricorder up was the real test.

It worked! The hinges were all spaced VERY nicely and evenly, and the tricorder swung open without a creak or a hitch. Very nice! It turned out great, and I was happy to see my bondo squish efforts pay off.

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