Sunday, November 18, 2007

Running The Conduit

The body parts are really taking shape now, so I need to always be looking ahead. One thing that is coming up soon is attaching the hinges. Before I do that, I need to make sure the wires have a place to go. So in this session, I make room for them.

The first thing I did was simply drill a few holes. I drilled two in the upper body, and two in the lower. The main thing here is making sure the hole drilled is wider than the wire itself.

The next thing I did was go in with my dremel and widen the top part of the hole. Recall that when I soldered the wires in place onto the hinges, I left a big blob of solder. Well, I have to make room for that blob. I tried using my countersink bit, but because of the way the hinge holes are shaped, it would have chopped into the sidewall. Can't have that now, can we. Here's the two halves of the body, all dremelled out.

All this dremel work reminds me that it's time for another PSA.

Kiddies, whenever you're doing ANY kind of work that involves some kind of hand tool with something that spins really fast, be sure to wear eye protection. Your eyes are one of your most precious resources. I'm guessing that building props would be a lot harder with one eye. Even if you think you're in no danger, it only takes one stray bit of resin or wood to really ruin your day.

And yes, I know those glasses look a bit dorky. And I'm sure I look a whole lot dorkier than normal when wearing them. But I figure, no matter how dorky I look, it's a lot less offensive than a dude with only one eye.

With that out of the way, I've got one more picture to show. This is the lower lid after I blasted the front with some more primer. I did a little more fill work, and a little more sanding. This is coming along well.


Swamptooth said...

I hope you can get your conduit finished before me!

MattMunson said...

You said it man. The good thing is that you'll be left with a kilometer of 1" diameter copper pipe, which is going to be worth a fortune on ebay.