Saturday, May 5, 2012

Captain Jack Harkness Costume Pieces Arrive

These are my recently acquired pieces to my Harkness costume. I already have the awesome coat from Abbyshot, which means the only real remaining parts are the everyday clothes. And the Vortex Manipulator.

For reference, the boots are Caterpillar Men's Gunnison Boots. I got them from Amazon. They are not the exact boots that Jack wears. His boots have been identified as the Caterpillar "luke" boots. These are no longer in production, and are really hard to find. The Gunnison boots have characteristics similar to the Luke boots. They both have a dark sole, the leather appears to be about the same shade and texture. They also have similar patterns. The ankle part is totally different, but nobody will see that as it will be hidden in the trouser. I'm quite happy with them.

The jacket, as mentioned, was purchased from here:

Great company, quick to ship, no troubles. This is the second jacket I have ordered from them.

Jack wears many different outfits during the show, and I needed to pick one. I went with the navy blue shirt with grey suspenders. I went with the "Bostonian y Back Button on Light Grey" suspenders found here:

As with everything else, they shipped really quickly, and are very high quality.

The holster was acquired from International Military Antiques. This is actually the holster for the .455 Mark IV, and I THINK Jack carries the .38. For all I know, the .38 went in this holster. I don't know. The color is wrong, but that is easily fixed with a little dye from Tandy. The price was very reasonable, and they shipped it very quickly. The holster is very high quality, and I'm quite happy with it.

This costume is coming together really well, and I want to make sure I get the pants and shirt right. The shirt is pretty straightforward, but I fear the pants will take some doing. Probably a trip down to Mens Warehouse with a photo or two will do the trick. However, I feel that the difficult parts of this costume are behind me. Except for the Vortex Manipulator. I MAY decide to do the ear piece, but that is very low on my list right now.


kman said...

Did you ever finish weathering that holster? I'm curious as to what process you used, as I'm about to take a whack at mine, for my costume, too. :)

MattMunson said...

I stained the holster, but didn't weather it. Didn't see much point, as nobody seems to really care about details like that, AND I've got a ton of other stuff to attend to :D