Friday, May 25, 2012

ZF-1 Kitbash Parts Work

A lot of work has been done recently on the ZF-1, namely prepping kit bash parts for molding. For the parts that are freestanding, the plan is to excise them from the model kit, then prep them so they can be molded properly and easily. This may include claying them up, or building sytrene dams onto the piece.

here's the bottom half of the ship, which has a large section of it that is used in the bottom front of the ZF-1, and a couple little pieces that sit right above it.

After cutting

And here's the top half of the main hull. The center spine of this needs to be removed and is used in the scope cup. One of the vents to the back of the hull is also used in the scope cup.

Here are the desired pieces removed. They still need to be cleaned up and trimmed, but you get the idea.

I need to take some pictures of the prep work that has been done, and the mold boxes. The scope cup is finished being assembled, though with the recent acquisition of the remaining model kit, I have two new parts to add on. Getting much closer to being done now!

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