Friday, May 25, 2012

ZF-1 Kit Bash Parts Arrive

For those of you who know me, the ZF-1 is something I have been working on on and off for a number of years. It's a very dormant project, that has really grown in fits and starts over the years. Though it has always been something of interest for many years, it didn't really start to seem realistic until I obtained a casting of the pod a number of years ago. At that point, I realized it was possible. Parts got identified slowly over the years, but I always believed most of the good bits were custom machined. The next really big break came a couple of years ago when a couple of dudes on the RPF decided to do a run of ALL the metal parts, now that really great reference material finally came to light.

Along the way, a number of model kits were discovered that contributed parts to the gun. I own two of them, and the third finally showed up today. It's the Kazon ship from Voyager. Interesting enough, this model kit was also the foundation for a few hand props seen in Voyager and later on Enterprise. The Hirojin hand phaser was created using this kit, which was later modified into the Vulcan pistol used in Enterprise. Craziness!

Here you can see the two pieces that are used on the ZF-1. They are sort of like covers for hose entry points into the scope cup.

And with the arrival of this kit, I now have everything I need to make the scope cup. I'm almost done assembling it, and will be molding it and offering castings. Drop me a line if you are interested in a set.

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