Thursday, May 17, 2012

Harkness Shirt Found and Purchased

I did a little driving around town over the past few days. Went to four different stores looking for a navy or dark blue button down shirt with light buttons. For some reason, this combination is just really hard to find. Go figure. Today, after a frustrating stop at a place that specializes in men's clothing, I gave up and went online. Two links later and I found the PERFECT shirt. It's this one, from Old Navy.

If you need one for your own costume, you can get it here.

For reference, this is the costume I'm going for. It changes from episode to episode, season to season, so I really just had to pick one that I was happy with.

It looks like he's wearing some pretty straight forward dark grey slacks, which will be next on my list.

This is my primary reference picture. Navy shirt, grey suspenders, white buttons, white undershirt. No problem

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RPF user Ulldarborealis said...

thanks for the lead on the shirts got the light blue and dark blue

question on those grey suspenders from

what was shipping at $17 for the suspenders and $27 in shipping bit of a killer but that was to Canada