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Fifth Element ZF-1 Parts Rundown

What follows is a collection of pictures of all of the parts I have collected to date for the ZF-1. I have not included pics of the shell, and after reviewing these, I fear there may be a box of hardware that was not included in this post.

Let's start with the most recognizable piece on the entire weapon, the little red button. Pictured here are two buttons, along with one of the mounting rings. After watching a video recently, I believe this is the wrong button.

This first few pictures are pieces of the frame. All of the machined parts shown here that were not off the shelf parts come to the community courtesy of the combined efforts of RPF users MarsAttacks, ZombieKiller, and LDR. I cannot say for certain what their individual contributions were, as I do not know. However, without these guys, their reference material, and access to a screen used piece, we would not have all of these awesome parts today. A huge debt of gratitude also goes to ArtAndrews, who meticulously photographed said screen used piece at San Diego Comic Con in 2011. Stephen Lane of Propstore of London was the one who graciously allowed us to play with it and photograph it. Thanks also to Adam Savage for not only providing the very genesis of this project so many years ago, but also for bringing so much public attention to the build through is passion for the piece.

This is a nozzle that goes on the tip of the gold barrel. This was identified by my pal Jon/B25364, who is a fellow Kiwi.

This is the piece that the above nozzle fits into.

This is sort of the piece that started it all. This was the piece that Adam Savage identified years and years ago. Oddly enough, it was because of this little nozzle that Adam and I first got to know each other. Man that was a long time ago.

Here's a great video that was recently released where Adam talks about his build up, and specifically calls out the nozzle pictured above.

This is the support rod for the nozzle pictured above.

Ends to the primary barrel, and a support ring.

These are some stencils I made for the shapes that are painted onto the pod. These are made from tracings taken directly from a screen used piece.

This is another element of the gun that I believe Shawn Morgan was the first to identify. It's the handle from a mangalore rifle. The same handle was used on the ZF1. As luck would have it, I was at one time the owner of the studio made mold for the Mangalore rifle, so I ended up with a first generation casting of the handle.

Main barrel.

I believe this was my most significant discovery on the project, and probably my most significant contribution to the entire effort. After staring at screen captures for a long time, I noticed a familiar texture on the underside of the scope. It looked a whole lot like the hull of a ship from the Star Trek universe. After purchasing a few different kits, I finally figured out that it was the secondary hull of the ship used in Voyager. It looks like the folks who built the ZF1 were fans of kitbashing, a technique commonly used in building props and miniatures.

Shortly after that, some astute eyes noticed that a few other pieces on the gun came from model kits, and the first place that was checked was other model kits from the Voyager series. As luck would have it, a few significant pieces came from the Maquis ship, which can still be found on ebay for under twenty bucks.

For reference, we have positively identified three voyager model kits that were used on the ZF1:
Kazon Ship #3606
Maquis Ship #3605
Voyager #3604

Gas jet and mount.

I believe this is the mount for the illuminated yellow button that sits on the opposite side of the red button.

This is a mounting piece for a few other pieces.

Rocket Fins.

Mounting bracket for the mag lights, the mag lights, and the mag light tips. I think it was Adam Savage that identified the mag lights.

Misc hardware for assembly.

Side rings.

The infamous ten turn knob. This piece was also seen on the Mangalore grenade. It has actually not been confirmed as existing on the ZF1, though a few blurry screen captures hint at it. This piece was originally identified by Jeff Heath/DarcJedi many years ago when some good reference pics of the grenade came out. Jeff searched tirelessly for this piece, and it was a huge win when he found it. It was this find that made possible the run of replica Mangalore grenades that was done a while back.

I forget what this piece is called, and I forget who identified it. It's an off the shelf part that is used to hold together the front ordinance cluster. Clappard valve, maybe?

A VERY nice electronics package for the scope, offered by superkrates, who really pioneered a lot of the ZF1 build. He was really the first guy to bring a finished ZF1 to the table.

Pistons for the main barrel.

Housings for the red and yellow switches. These are different than the ones pictured previously.

Misc hardware for the frame.

Detail piece for the pod. I've always believed the master for this was made from fishing weights, the rubber kind that you use to practice casting. I've found some pictures that are the exact same shape as the ones seen here.

Mounting hardware for the side rails.

These are part of the side rail system.

Side rails.

Main barrel pistons.

This is another one of those pieces that sort of holds together the entire ordinance cluster. This is like the tree trunk for the entire assembly.

Rocket body.

Rocket nozzle. I have forgotten who identified this, but it's an off the shelf Estes Rocket. The bull pup, if memory serves. The stickers for this rocket are also used on the ZF1 and the mangalore rocket.

* March 27, 2013 update.

A few parts were not documented here, so I'm adding them now.

Misc hardware.

Some L-Brackets, which I assume are for attaching things to each other. Not sure where though. I'll get to that later.

I believe these attach to pistons somewhere.

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