Friday, May 25, 2012

Nosecone Primering Finished

After a lot of hassle, the nosecone primer work is finally done. This turned out to be a really good exercise, as I had hoped it would be, as it forced me to familiarize myself with the materials and tools used in this process. I have a lot of time logged with the new short strand putty I'm going to be using on the body, and a few tried with the PCL high fill primer, which is really fantastic stuff. I also discovered that I need a new spray gun.

ALSO, my nosecone is now finished! I still need to paint it, but since I haven't purchased the final paint yet, I suppose that's no surprise. This will also give me an opportunity to try out the paint I have in mind to see if it's going to give me the look I want for the entire car. Overall, I'm completely convinced that investing a lot of time into this nosecone as a test bed was worthwhile.

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