Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Attaching Multipass Graphics

One of the bummers of being busy is that you don't find a lot of time to do multipass tutorials. But lots of folks have been asking me what I recommend for attaching the graphics to the pass once it's all put together and painted.

I recommend any one of these three products.

The each have advantages and disadvantages. I personally prefere the Mono Adhesive in the lower right hand corner. It is VERY thin, and holds just great, but it's a little difficult to work with, and to lay it down smoothly. In fact, it's almost impossible.

Second choice would be the yellow stuff. It's a lot thicker than the Mono Adhesive, but can be laid down very flat and evenly. It's a little problematic to handle, but not too difficult.

The red stuff is the easiest to use, as it has applicator tape include. So you have one surface you can handle all you want and not screw it up. It's also the thickest out of all of the three, if you care about that type of stuff.

So that's it! All of these can probably be found at Office Max, or something like it. Target usually carries both of the scotch brand tapes.

I hope that helps!

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