Friday, September 17, 2010

Body Suit Pattern Update

My pattern from Kwik Sew arrived yesterday. Again, please excuse the hideiously outdated and awful artwork on the cover:

Overall, this pattern looks VERY nice. it is much more professionally drawn up than the pattern I have been using to date. I'm glad I ordered it. The instructions are also a bit more thorough, detailed, and the patterns look much more crisp and tidy. On the existing pattern I'm using, the seams are a little sloppy and don't match up quite right.

Interestingly enough, a discussion was recently started over at the Superhero Costuming Forum about body suits. A few users posted some great links which I would like to re-post here for reference.

This is a link I already have posted in my Links Post. It's a great website, but SLIGHTLY beyond my current skill level. I'm sure if I revisit it in a few months, it will seem like childs play.

This is actually a very interesting link. Not only does it include the pattern I just got, but it also shows one for a full body wetsuit that looks MUCH more interesting. Take a look at pattern 2335.
Kwik Sew Catalog - Mens Swim wear

Also a very interesting and informative site can be found here:

Because I am so pleased with the KwikSew pattern that arrived today, and seeing as how impressed I am with the quality, I'm going to move ahead and order pattern 2335. It has the right kind of sleeves, and looks good. This will save me the trouble of modifying the pattern I just got, and will remove some complexity. The good news is that pattern 2881 is not a total loss, as it also includes a pattern for briefs, which I will need eventually.

As before, I will order the pattern from

Seeing as how I am a man of action and all, I jumped in and ordered the new pattern from It should be here in a few days. Nice!

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