Friday, September 17, 2010

Wide Twills

In order to document a certain path I am heading down, I would like to post links to a few wide-bolt Twills that I am investigating.

These are from Fashion Fabrics Club. None of them appear to be the perfect color, but I am hoping with some dye, some bleach, and some patience, I can get them to where I want them to be.

Coral Red Twill
Orange Twill - It's the wrong color, but the right width. If it's a nice fabric that I like better than one of the reds, it might be worth trying to color correct it.
Red Twill - Good color, but too small. But just by a bit. If it's REALLY great, I might consider making my cape an inch shorter than it needs to be.
Strawberry Red Twill - Right width. Not sure about the color.

I am REALLY sure I ordered a yard of each of these. But then, maybe I didn't. There's a box waiting for me at the post office which could contain what I hope is the fabric. If it's not here within a week, I will check into it.

Based on the results I have gotten recently with some samples of Twill, I am nearly convinced that this is the fabric I will use on my capes. Though the jersy knit I found earlier does the job, it has some limitations. It is very heavy, it stretches a little too much, and wet latex tends to seep through it when I'm laying it up. This leaves blobs of the stuff on the inside of the cape. Not a good look.

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