Friday, September 17, 2010

Micro-S Pattern For Boots Is Done.

Today I received this lovely piece in the mail from my friends over at M&K Engraving.

What you are looking at is a slab of nice leather with tons of tiny "S" symbols laser engraved on it. It is sized such that it is big enough to fit any of the panels for the boot that require it. My next step is to mold it, then cast some up and integrate them into a boot.

This OFFICIALLY brings to a close the long, drawn out quest to get this part of the costume perfected. I now have two options when it comes to the engraved panel on the boot. I can go with this one, which is on leather, or use the one that RebelScum sent me, which is on lexan. Both are VERY nice, and each have their advantages. I THINK I am leaning more towards this one, as it has the leather texture in it. It's subtle, but it contrasts sharply against the polished surface of the lexan.

Either way, I'm extremely pleased with the results of this work. As with many components of this project, this one has been a VERY long trail. Or Trial. Or both. It's an interesting lesson in how NON immediate this hobby can be sometimes. I think it was more than 2 months ago that I said on this blog "I need to get this wrapped up quickly".

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