Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pattern Work, Leather

Last night I did a bunch of pattern work on the body suit. I cut out all of the panels, though I think I'm only going to use the upper body portion for the final suit. I'm going to totally re-do the legs from the ground up. But there is some stuff from the pattern I'm doing to use, namely the inseam. That's sort of done well on my pattern and I may as well preserve it. Recall that my plan is to have seams only on the inside of the legs.

As for the torso, the pattern is actually pretty good, though I will need to move the zipper to the back. I've already made the necessary modifications to the pattern to accommodate this. I will need to remove the seam from the front though, which is really just a matter of taping the two front halves of the pattern together. No brainer.

The overall plan is to create NEW patterns using my butcher paper roll that is sitting in my closet. I will use that pattern on all future suits.

Also of interest is that I ordered a panel of laser cut micro-S's today from MKEngraving. Though i already have this part covered by some stuff that RebelScum sent me, I want another option. I know the work that MKE does is really top notch, and they are very fast with the turnaround. I expect they will finish up my order within a week or so.

I am also still hoping to hear from my friend Thom about the Returns boots he was wearing at DC. They would make an excellent base, as they were a really good overall shape.

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