Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ink Wash Test

I was a little dismayed by my recent test with the fabric that I had screened with the speedball inks, so I wanted to do a little bit more. The thing about these inks is that they need to be set with heat. However, I purchased some fixative that was supposed to negate this need. However, when I washed a sample of the fabric, some of the ink faded. It wasn't like it washed clean out, but it was non-trivial.

Today, I took another sample of the fabric, and REALLY took the iron to it in an attempt to heat seal the inks. I was on the hottest setting just south of steam. No damage was done to the fabric. I then threw it in the washing machine.

The picture above shows the swatch after watching. It's actually NOT apparent from the photo, but there was only a TINY TINY TINY bit of color fading. Just a tiny bit. I'm very pleased with this, as it means the suit will be able to survive some cleanings. Great stuff.

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