Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Staff of Ra Headpiece

I think 2010 was really a watershed year for the prop making cottage industry. I swear, SO many really high quality pieces were offered this year, and I happened to stumble onto a great many of them. Of all the prop replicas I acquired this year, I cannot think of one that was a genuine disappointment. Everything that comes to mind was a shining success.

And this piece is just the perfect way to wrap up the year.

This is a replica of the headpiece of the staff of Ra from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Duh.

In the 20+ years that this move has been out, this is EASILY the best and most accurate replica I have ever seen. I won't bore readers with the details, but the long story short is that this piece started out with questionable provenance, but ends up matching perfectly every reference picture available. It's also stunningly clean in its presentation, with the braided chain around the edge soldered on after casting, instead of being incorporated into the casting as most available replicas do it.

Huge thanks to RelicMaker who provided the finished product, and JediFyfe who sourced the master.

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