Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Plastisol Tests

With all the talk lately about diamonds and briefs, I thought it only fair to finally get around to posting the pictures I took a few days ago of the test screen printing I did using Plastisol inks. I actually think the jersey print ink that I selected is TOO thick, and will probably scale it back on the next round.

Here's a pic of the overall effort. All of those convolutions were introduced after the printing was done, and they did not go away once the ink cured.

Here's a close up of the diamonds. While the actual printing went really well, and I got really uniform coverage without any streaking, it's the size of the diamonds that bothers me.

For reference, I will post this picture again. This is from a suit that was on tour and on display at the NYC TRU.

Ignore the colors. The main thing to notice is that the thickness of the diamonds is all wrong. Well, not ALL wrong, but you get the point.

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