Friday, December 17, 2010

More Screen Printing Supplies Ordered

After the debacle with my previous attempt at screen printing, I decided to switch gears a little. I was not happy with the inks that I used on my first trial, as I realized their limitations. Not only did they crack and peel upon stretching, but the heat treating of them turned out to be far too problematic for my liking.

I was discussing screen printing with an online buddy of mine named Laamberry, who recently completed a run of Scott Pilgrim themed t-shirts. During the course of our discussion, I asked a few questions about inks used, and she recommended a brand named "Speedball".

I did a little research on them, and they seemed like good inks, but they had the same problem that my existing inks have: they need to be heat cured. However, these seemed a little more friendly, as you only need to iron them, instead of heat blast them for 90 seconds at 300 degrees, or whatever it was that the Plastisol inks require.

In my research, I found a site called, which looks like a one stop-shopping kind of place for all things screen printing. After a little digging around, I stumbled upon something called Versatex Fixer!!!! According to the spec sheet, this eliminates the need for heat fixing of inks. PERFECT. This sounds like exactly the type of stuff I am looking for. This should eliminate a few of the trouble spots in my screening process.

I have ordered a small kit of the burgandy ink, and the fixer. For reference, I will add these products to my Links Page.

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