Monday, August 2, 2010

Boot Pattern Test

This will be my last update for today, and should get me almost completely caught up on my blogging.

I am doing a test to see what the best way is to replicate the surface used on the boot. This test has me doing a thin layer of brushed on urethane using a rigid mold of 1630.

I start with the rigid mold, and spray some mold release on it. My previous research shows that the urethane reacts no differently if you brush it onto a treated surface or an untreated surface. The difference is that it comes off MUCH easier if you have the mold release sprayed down.

I then taped off a section. This was really just to help me peel the edges up when the time comes to remove it.

I mixed up a small batch of urethane and brushed it on. I had to keep chasing "lift off" points as I brushed. This continued for about ten minutes, until the stuff started to kick and it didn't pull back as much. Even then, after another ten minutes, a few spots developed. That was certainly not good news.

A day later, I mixed up another batch of urethane. This time I made it more opaque, but didn't bother getting the right shade of red. No big deal, it's just a test.

Interestingly, the two layers of urethane did not work well together. The second layer tended to pull back from the FIRST layer. I did not expect that at all. I expected the opposite: that they would work very smoothly together. Interesting stuff.

I will post a picture of the finished piece later.

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