Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cape Material, Again?

Exciting news here from FOS:R&D. (that’s code for “Fortress of Solitude: Research & Development” –ed) I have what appears to be a VERY strong lead on the original source material used in the making of the Superman Returns cape. I’m talking about the pyramid pattern used in the outer shell, mind you.

Historically, I have constrained my searches to a certain type of material, but the other day I had a brain storm that led me down a different path. I did a little google-fu, and found a few places online that seem to deal in the type of material I am looking for. I sent out a few emails, and included a close up scan of the cape material.

Today, ONE of them replied saying they had a match for this pattern! I have requested a sample of the material, which they are going to send out asap. Based on previous experiences, my expectations are low. BUT, I cannot help but get a little excited about it! If I can find this material, it will make my life A LOT easier. One of my main concerns is transportation of the giant mold I made of the cape. If I find the source material, I can just throw out that mold when the time comes. Having the original material will also allow me to remaster the cape mold. I can make them in different sizes, and also correct a number of the imperfections that are in my current mold.

Also, and perhaps most importantly, it would allow me to remaster the mold in different materials. If I wanted to make a stone mold, I totally could. A rigid mold from 1630 could also be done, which would make some aspects of construction much easier.

So yes, very excited!

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