Monday, August 2, 2010

Cape Fabric Revisited

With the outer skin of the cape REALLY coming together, to a point where I think I've pretty much got it nailed, it's time to turn once again to the question of the inner fabric.

I found some stuff that works pretty well, but it's a bit heavy, and I'm not perfectly happy with it. I think if I used it, I would have to build some kind of internal mechanism underneath the body suit to support it. That may not be all that bad, but I'm going to take another shot at finding the right fabric.

I really think it's some sort of gabardine, which fits with the research I've done and the swatch I have. I guess at the end of the day I'm more concerned about function and weight over accuracy. I want the cape to flow properly, be light, and be colored correctly. The weave isn't really going to bug me. So I'm looking at gabardine online.

As with my search before, the real bummer is that there's not a lot of fabric available in bolts over 65" wide, which is what I need. I found ONE place online so far, and ordered a swatch.

Here's the link.

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