Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Urethane Recommendation

I called the good folks at Smooth-On today and talked about the trouble I'm having with getting a thin layer of urethane to work in my 1630 mold. The helpful chap I spoke to recommended their "Brush On" line, which makes a whole ton of sense and I'm sorry I did not think of it myself, or sooner.

Here's a link: Brush On Series

I'm going to order a sample kit to play around with, and see what kind of results I can get.

Thought I would throw a little terminology out at you too. If something is low viscosity, that means it's more like water. If it's high viscosity, that means it's more like syrup.

I was told that the brush on urethane can be thinned with isopropyl alcohol, by the way.

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