Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boot Sole Details

I did a little bit of work today on the details that go on the underside of the boot today. Based on some new reference material I acquired, I figured it was finally time to get this rolling.

The interesting thing about the soles is that all of the S symbols on it are slightly different. It might be due to wear, the casting process, the angle of the photo, or a million other things. To simplify my life, I picked one that I thought looked the best, and used that as reference for my Adobe Illustrator drawing.

Here's a rendering of it:

This is actually a very "cleaned up" version of what is on the boot sole. I straightened a few lines, made a few things symmetrical, and made the outer border a consistent thickness. It turned out to be non-trivially different than the ones on the underside of the boot, but I prefer it the way it is here.

So I guess at this point, I'm veering from screen accuracy into the realm of "idealized" or "perfected", which is just fine by me. Besides, it's the bottom of the sole. Like anyone is ever going to see it.

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