Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random Boot Work

Today I did some work on the patterns for the boots. Long story short, I now have it within my grasp to make wildly accurate boots, as far as the leather parts are concerned. The soles are still something in progress, but I'm feeling good about it.

The hard part for me so far has been wrapping my head around how the different panels of the boot fit together. There are three different types of leather involved in the boot. One has the micro-s pattern in it, the other has a female pyramid pattern (which is the inverse of the cape) and the other is just regular leather. My plan has always been to duplicate the micro-s and pyramid sections in urethane or latex, thus allowing me to reproduce the boots in a way that they will fit me, using techniques that I am familiar and comfortable with. Also, it would be cost prohibitive for me to generate roller dyes that could emboss the leather in the same way that it was done for the movie.

And as I am fond of saying, it will take a very knowledgeable observer to differentiate my boots from the screen used ones.

I am also on the final stretch of the micro-s pattern panels. Now that my boot pattern is coming together, I have very precise measurements, meaning I can change my drawing to suit my needs, and cut cost. My original drawing was about three times the size of what it is currently, seeing as how I did not know the exact dimensions of the boots. I've also found a few solid sources for the etching, and I'm pursuing that right now. Once I get the laser etched leather, it will be a simple matter of making a mold of it, pulling some "fabric" from it, then cutting out pieces based on my pattern.

The next step for me is really finding a good base boot. My original plan was to use my CABoots, but I am really not satisfied with the overall shape of the toe. It's very different than the SR boot, and I don't like it. I am going to buy a couple cheapie halloween boots with the hopes that one of them will have a more accurate shape. Most cost about 40 bucks each, so I can certainly afford a little trail and error. I beleive that the entire boot will be re-skinned with the stuff I'm making, so it's original color or material is not really a barrier. However, the overall shape is. I just want to do it right.

Again, going this route will also allow for a degree of flexibility and repeatability. And at a much lower cost. CABoots run about 250 to 300 bucks. Big difference.

I don't really have anything to show today, though once I get my boot pattern all squared away I will certainly show that off. I am also looking forward to posting pictures of my first mock up, which shouldn't be too far off, as all of the pieces are really coming together.

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