Monday, August 2, 2010

Latex Tests On Cape Mold Cont'd

It seems like I am always messing around with this cape mold, trying to figure out the best techniques and materials to use in order to get the best results.

I TRULY believe that I am a lot closer today than I have ever been before.

Check out these patches of test brush-ins that I did just the other night:

There are a number of factors which make these tests interesting. First is that the latex is BARELY lifting up from the silicone. It actually went down VERY smoothly, VERY thin, and is not behaving AT ALL like the rubber I got from Burman Foam a while back.

For the record, I used a dense foam four inch roller brush I got from Lowe's, along with the latex Rubber I got from The Motion Picture FX Company. The pigments I used are from GM Foam, Inc.

I think the type of brush is key, as is the latex.

I need to run a couple more tests, but I REALLY think this is going to be the recepie for success. This new rubber I'm using is just great. The only remaining piece of the puzzle is opacity. I need to figure out how many layers I need to do in order to get the opacity I need. If it's more than three, I will do some experimentation with Kilz to notch up the opacity on the latex. I would prefer NOT to have to use Kilz, as that complicates the coloring process, in case I need to repeat it.

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