Saturday, October 16, 2010

Body Armor Glue-Up Begins

Mostly pics today, as I'm too tired to write. I have started the glue up process. Attaching armor plates to the body suit. Hard work!

Here's the glue I am using

First I attached some velcro to the inside of the upper torso.

That velcro matches the other side that I put onto the straps attached to the shoulder bells.

First pieces glued down are the knees and the cod. All the other pieces have to fit in between these two, so I figured it was a good place to start.

It might be the fumes, not the fatigue.


Bram said...

hey i have a question, where did you buy the mesh? i cant find it?

it starting to look great

MattMunson said...

The mesh was purchased from a really talented costumer in Australia, named Brad. He somehow managed to find the actual fabric after a VERY long search, and made some available to fellow builders. I'm not sure if he has any left, but you can try reaching him through his website:

supermanlt700 said...

hey man, your blog it awesome and i truthfull feel cheated that i found it two years later. Is there any chance I can get you to share the cad file for the body armor?