Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dark Knight Boots Arrive

I swear, I am on a roll lately. I have just had SUCH great luck with online purchases this year that I'm starting to think that maybe people out there are FINALLY starting to catch on to the fact that you actually need to supply a quality product.

Witness these boots:

Just stunning in their construction and fit. They feel like sneakers when I put them on. The leather is really soft (cue Ricardo Montelban and his "Corinthian leather" pitch) and they move really well. I'm just stunned at the quality of these boots, and SO happy with them. I cannot say for sure how they match up to the screen used boots, only because I have not done ANY research. I am told they are quite accurate, but I will do my own investigation later on. For now, I'm competely happy with them.

Boots are always such an interesting part of a costume, because for the most part, they go unnoticed. Unless they are totally hideous. I have rambled about accuracy on this blog before, but it's worth repeating here that I am not going for 100% accuracy with this costume. I want it to look great, and present well. This is not the piece that will be on display in my living room, that will impress even the most learned of Batman fans. I just want it to look great when I'm walking down the street on halloween night. And I'm pretty sure that will happen. So my point is that if the boots are a little inaccurate, nobody is going to care. And if they do, I will grant them a VERY closeup look at the heel of the boot!!!

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