Thursday, October 14, 2010

TDK Urethane Belt Has Arrived.

ANNNNND it's a thing of beauty.

The timing on the arrival of this piece could not be better. I had just finished up the hood, and was looking for something different to do. I went down to get my mail, and as I was there the post office dude drove up and handed me the box. Perfect timing.

Even better, the thing fit just perfectly, straight out of the box. I could not be happier.

Overall, it's very nice, though it could have used some TLC on the finer details. There are some air bubbles here and there, and a few mold blow outs in little places. TOTALLY not distracting, and you would have to be examining the belt to find them. For the stroll/photograph mission I have planned, I think this will be perfect.

And the more that I think about it, the more confident I become that THIS will be the belt I wear on the big night out. The rigid belt that is also on its way is probably going to just be too darn pretty to risk wearing out and getting damaged. That's the last thing I would want to have happen to something that looks so beautiful. So the rigid one may just turn out to be a display piece. It will work really well with all of the other Batman Begins and The Dark Knight props I have collected over the years.

Big thanks to the seller for providing not only a really great looking belt, but also following through on quick shipment, and answering all of my lame questions.

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stidham23 said...

Where did you get this belt and do you know if it is still being produced?