Thursday, October 14, 2010

TDK Hood Is Getting There

I am just about done with what I'm calling the "under hood", as I still need to add the mesh on top of it. This is version three of the pattern, and many changes have been made along the way.

Here's the start of it all, the newest pattern. You can see where I've modified the previous version a bunch to make it do more of what I want.

The technique that I developed for doing zippers while working on my body suit was applied here, with just fantastic results. I am so happy with how well the zippers are coming out lately. It's the little things.

And I realize it's pretty hard to see what's going on here, but this is the finished hood. It still needs a little detail work, and some clean up of the stray serger chains, but the overall shape is right where I need it.

As with everything on this project, there are some TINY changes I could probably make if I wanted to go another iteration with this thing. But I really don't. My fingers are hurting, and I need a change of pace. So it's on to finishing up the mesh body suit.

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