Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cowl Clean Up, Purchases.

Things are definitely slowing down as I run out of things to do. By my estimates, the only manditory remaining task is attaching the neck armor. I am very seriously contemplating hemming up the cape.

I picked up a can of black Plasti-Dip the other day at Lowe's. I've never used it before, so there were a few unknowns. But after a few tests, I really grew to like the stuff. What I find most interesting is that you can apply it over an existing coat, and it blends in really well. It flattens out nicely.

And with that knowledge in mind, I did a bit of touch up spraying on the cowl. It probably didn't even need it, nobody would have noticed, but there were a couple parts that did not recieve good coverage in the initial painting, so I nailed those. You cannot really tell from the pictures, but it turned out great. I also painted over the fabric that I glued onto the inside of the chin strap to make sure it is well hidden.

I mentioned earlier that I wanted a new camera for Halloween. Today I got one from costco. I am a huge fan of Sony products. In fact, I still use a Sony camera I purchased about six years ago for most of my photography. It's not the best in low light, and it's pretty big compared to todays cameras, but MAN does it get the job done. I stuck with Sony and picked up this nice little tiny cybershot.

Lastly, I picked up some eye liner! Historically, this has proven really effective for blacking out my eyes when wearing a Batman costume. It's pretty tenacious stuff, and stands up really well. I picked up a couple different kinds, in case one works better than another.

Since I have found out how well the plasti-dip blends with prior applications, I'm going to fix a flaw I caused on the leg armor. I got some Dap on the front side of one piece, and it ate right through the plasti-dip. I will fix that.

I'm going to take a closer look at the cape right now, to see if I think I can pull off a respectable hem fix.

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Anonymous said...

If you dont mind answering, i would love to ask you where did you get your COWL, it's amazing and it looks like the one in the movie :D , GOOD job on your work It's simply amazing.