Friday, October 15, 2010

Mesh Body Suit Touch Ups

With the armor all dremelled up and ready to apply, it was finally time to turn my attention to finishing up the tiny details on the mesh body suit. Just a series of random finishing tasks that were best completed before the armor is applied.

I cleaned up the seams on the back side. They are still quite sloppy, but they are functional. Before, the material from the leg slits was not attached to the waist. Now it is all secure.

I also put the zipper in the crotch. I'm sort of stunned at how well my Omega sewing machine is doing. It still drops way more stitches than I am happy with, but because I am going for function over form, I can live with it.

I also closed up the excess lip on the back zipper. Just a tiny detail. I suppose I could have just as easily just clipped it off. Instead I decided to fold it over and sew it up.

And lastly I put the stirrups on the ankles. I really don't know if these are going to do any good, but it may save me from a tiny bit of bunching around the knees when the boots go on. Not really a big deal at all, but it was fun and a good experience to attach them.

And here's my pro-tip for the day. When working with black fabric, use a silver sharpie. The bummer is that it's very permanent. The good news is that it's very visible. Just be sure to mark the fabric on the wrong side, or mark it on a part that will be clipped off. Or hidden in a seam.

I think that may be all for tonight. My apartment is a total disaster, and I'm thinking of just cleaning it up. There are rubber globs all over the living room from where I did all the dremel work, and I'd really like to clean that up before I start gluing on the armor.

At this point, the only things that remain are the armor glue up, and the hood. I will also need to do some clean up work on the cowl, and maybe trim the chin strap. So while there is still a long way to go, I've definitely gotten a lot of work done.

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Pedro Ortiz said...

Where in THE WORLD did you get your cowl? IT IS AMAZING and i love it