Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Body Suit Pattern Underway

Even though I already have a nice body suit from The Bronze Armory, I am working on a better one. The one Bronze Armory produces is dye sub printed, or so I believe. And while it looks very nice, it is not quite accurate to the techniques used on the screen used suits.

Take a look at this picture:

You can see that the diamonds on the blue part of the suit are printed with some kind of raised ink. There's a texture to it. It's not just matte, sitting flush with the fabric. That's what I'm going for.

This picture also gives a good look at the different patterns that are on the suit. The trunks are clearly different than the body suit.

I have a tiny swatch of the blue suit fabric, which I have used to do my drawing of the diamonds in illustrator. I've got the basic diamond shape down, and have a section of the pattern. Now I just need to replicate it out as big as I need it.

In my mind, the work on that part is done. The quest for the fabric continues.


amir farjadpour said...

hi matt my chest emblem i ordered came its looks really small but it still looks the business, just ordered mold max and pmc-780 cant wait to get it casted. whats your email address i would like to send pictures of my costume once its made should be finished next week.. iv ordered some black boots which look like the same from the film im going to dye them then attach the s at the back. im going to cast the front of the belt 'S' then attach pleather around it. should be interesting.

MattMunson said...

Amir! yes, i am familiar with the chest emblem you are talking about. They are EXTREMELY well made, and look great. Though as you suggest, they are a bit small. Still, it looks great. I still dont' know where that originates from. I figured it was part of a backpack, or some other item. you can reach me at jablonskyexpress // at // yahoo if you'd like to send some pics. that would be great. Looking forward to seeing your results.

amir farjadpour said...

thanks mate i will get those pics to you, just as we are speaking im just finshed making 3 emblems, the belt will be made monday as im getting more urethane that stuff goes quickly!, the most frustating thing is getting the pattern diamonds for the suit no one around here does but i think i might have the milliskin plain, should still look good, iv hired a polish girl to do the sewing which easy for me i cant sew lol, i cant wait to see the final completion of the costume. we are artists!!:-)