Friday, March 5, 2010

Newer, Bigger, Faster Sewing Machine In Transit!

I've been meaning to pick up a new sewing machine for about two months now, but with EVERYTHING pipelined for the cape to be sewn up, I was past due.

Today, I poked around on ebay some more. I have done a bit of research on heavy duty sewing machines over the months, and there are two sellers on ebay who consistently sell what they describe as "heavy duty" sewing machines at a price that is interesting to me.

I did the standard research on the web, which usually consists of reading people's blogs who have actually used the machines. I settled on the Omega.

Here's the picture from the auction that really convinced me that this was the sewing machine for me.

The main challenge for me really is sewing the cape together. That stuff is thick! Not half as thick as the leather shown in that photo, but still pretty rigid. My hope is that this machine will make short work of it! It's not even that complicated of a sewing job, just one that requires a lot of force.

I was very lucky to find a sewing machine that seems to meet my needs, AND at a good price. The auction had the machine listed with a buy it now of 269, but it also had an "or best off" option. I offered 245, and it was accepted. Woot! This machine does NOT come with a rigid cover, or a quilting platform that some of this sellers other machines come with. The pricetags on those machines trend about 100 bucks higher. For that money, I can just put it in a cardboard box and call it a day.

Shipping is supposed to take about ten days. I will keep my eye on the post box!

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