Sunday, March 7, 2010

Velcro For Cape Found

A brief story of the chase.

One of the items I need for my cape, and cape prototype, is some velcro. I need it to be wide too. The velcro on the cape I examined must have been three or more inches wide. I did a look-see at my local JoAnn's and didn't find anything wider than an inch. I did some digging on the internet, and could only find two inch wide velcro, and they only sold it in rolls of 25 feet.

I stumbled onto a Wal-Mart today, and sadly went inside. I dug around their little sewing area, and found this:

Though it is white, and the real ones used black, I figured it didn't really matter for my prototype. Or for the final piece, now that I think about it. I mean, nobody is going to see it, right??

Though it was only two inches thick, this was the best candidate I had seen so far. The upside is that I figured it would make for a good starting point to digging up some information on what I was REALLY after. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but I went to the velcro website at I mean, duh.

This page has a listing of all of their sew on products. About half way down the page, you'll find a product called "attach-a-patch".

Details as follows:

12" x 4" tape

That seemed to be EXACTLY what I wanted. I did a little digging around, and found a seller on ebay that stocks that product. I ordered two, and they are being shipped to me as we speak.

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