Friday, March 12, 2010

MultiPass Sample Anew

I received my second sample in the mail today, this time from my friends at RMS laser. They have done work for me in the past, and man did they hit this one out of the park.

The lines are VERY clean and precise, and the melt on the styrene is minimal. That is the ONE drawback to the parts that Polou put together. though they were nice, I think their laser runs just a tad hotter than the RMS one, and consequently there was a bit more melt.

The one factor that is unpredictable in these operations is the thickness of the material that is lost when it is cut. My main point of concern is how well the LED fits into the LED housing:

The housing is a TAD too small. I may very well just leave it as is, and make expanding this hole as a part of the todo list for the kit. BUT, since it's me, and I'm a perfectionist, I cannot let this sit. I busted out the trusty micrometer and did some measurements.

Then i adjusted my drawings accordingly. Now I just need to get the drawings back to RMS and have them crank a few out.

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