Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Multi Pass Reference Photos

For those that are following this project, I thought I would post for reference some of the best, clearest screen captures I have taken of the prop as it appears in the movie.

First up is hands down the best high def screen capture of the multipass. This appears early in the movie, right when Korben is leaving his apartment. This one shows an incredible level of detail.

I include this picture because it shows the rod on the side of the pass. I believe the rod to be either flourescent yellow, or some kind of tortoise shell rod. Really depends on what picture you are looking at, or what screen capture.

A good picture of Leeloos pass, from when she is boarding Fhloston Paradise. Right before she says the famous "Moolteepass" line.

A good side profile shot. Shows the rod, and also shows the different layers of the pass. This shot matches up nicely with my design and choice of material thicknesses.

For the nay-sayers that claim the pass doesn't light up. booya.

A very nice shot of David's pass going into the slot at the airport.

And here's the picture that started it all. This is a scan from the "making of" book. This is where I got all of my design laid out. Still loads of work after finding this photo, but without this, I would not have been able to get the accuracy to where it is today.

Also for reference, a rare picture of a made-for-production multipass graphic that is in my collection. I acquired this AFTER I did my pass drawings, and was very happy to find that the dimensions that I had used in my drawings matched up perfectly with this piece. This also helped me get a dead on solid view of the back side of the graphic.

A piece of interesting trivia: the name "Zaltman Bleros" was the name writer/director Luc Besson had originally created for the hero of The Fifth Element. It was ultimately changed to "Korben Dallas", of course.

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