Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's A Spandex World!

My order from arrived today.

None of the burgandy colors are perfect, though the darkest one is very close. It actually needs to be a little darker to be accurate.

The vivid blue is REALLY nice, and the fabric is really interesting. The bummer about my order is that the fabric was not marked, so I have no idea which piece is which color. Safe for the vibrant blue and two of the burgandy's, most of it is a waste. The fabric is not very high quality, and not the direction I want to go.

BUT three of them are REALLY nice. In fact, after seeing this fabric, I made a conclusion in my head tonight, once and for all. My goal of this costume is to not make it look like the production made suits, but to make it look like it appears on the screen. What you see in the theater or on your Blu-Ray player is VERY different from how the suits actually looked. There was loads of color correction done to the suit, and frankly, I like the on screen look better than the in person.

This grants me a bit of flexibility, in that I am no longer shooting for dead on matches for color, but am instead shooting for what is aesthetically most pleasing. To me. See how that works??

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