Monday, March 8, 2010

Spandex House Swatches Arrive

Today I got home and found this in the mail:

The second and third swatches from the left are REALLY nice, and I think I may end up going with both of them. The blue is nice and bold, but still rather light. The burgandy is just great. It's a little lighter, richer, and less brown than the screen used fabric, but I feel that it matches the screen-seen look much better.

All of these came from, who did a bang up job of getting the swatches out to me quickly. Thanks guys!

Two of the samples on the card are "moleskin", which is a different, more coarse fabric than milliskin. I will not be using moleskin in my suit. It may be a bit more durable, but the trade off is that it has a texture to it. Me no likey.

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