Sunday, March 7, 2010

Silk Screen Inquiry

I'm following up on a line of thought that will net me a much more accurate body suit. I'm VERY impressed with the milliskin fabric I recieved the other day, and am thinking more and more that the way to go will definitely be to produce my own body suit. Though the one I have from Bronze Armory is quite nice, and will definitely work, it is not entirely accurate, and I think I can do a better job.

To that end, I have started investigating the possibility of getting a silk screen made with the diamond pattern on it. I will actually get two made. One with the diamond pattern, and another with all of the "Racing Stripes" on it. That way, I run the diamond over a few yards ,then go back in and apply the racing stripes as necessary. I can have ALL the stripes on one screen, and just mask off the ones I don't want to lay down at any given time.

A google search revealed this website, which looks like it might be a home run:

I have contacted them with an introductory email asking them for a quote on a big screen. I figure I will assemble the suit in parts, so I only need a screen big enough to cover the largest part. I figure the measurement from my ankle to my waist is the height, and half of my waist is the width. I will probably add a couple inches on to have some wiggle room.

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