Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Electrical System Removal Continues

Despite getting very little sleep the night before, I managed to be really productive on the MattMobile project yesterday. Which was Monday, by the way.

The day started with an early morning dumpster run. As I tear parts out of the caprice, they tend to pile up in the garage. My trash bins are full, and it was getting hard to navigate. I threw a ton of stuff into the trunk of my daily driver, and disposed of it.

As the evening approached, I turned my attention to the removal of the electrical systems. The thing that is really taking time is not so much the removal, but the labeling of everything I disconnect. I honestly don't know how much of the wiring will be re-used, but I'm preserving as much as I can for right now.

As it stands right now, the wiring has been completely removed from the drivers seat on backwards. Which is the easy part, if you ask me.

I had a few parts on ebay recently that did not sell, and the asking price was ridiculously low. This confirms my suspicion that there just isn't much of a hungry market for used/beaten-up Caprice parts. This is not really a big deal, as I wasn't really counting on offsetting the cost of the Car by selling off parts, but it does mean I now have to dispose of a ton of junk. And I quite literally mean "one ton." To that end, I started tearing down parts into pieces that would fit into my regular car. I started with the seats, as they were taking up a lot of room in the garage. It was actually kind of fun pulling them apart!

Off to the dumpster they went, along with a few pieces from the dashboard. The garage is actually MUCH more accessible right now, and I definitely think it was the right thing to do.

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