Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Tear Down Progress

So far I have been very diligent about staying on my self imposed tear down schedule. As regular readers will recall, the plan is to do one hour a day, three days a week on weekdays, and five hours a day on saturday or sunday. I think this is a very conservative schedule, and one that should be easy to keep. So far I'm exceeding it.

Today I put in about an hour, right after work ended. I pulled off the drivers side rear door, stripped out the ceiling liner, and pulled off a whole ton of weather stripping. I know the front door on the drivers side will take some doing, so I decided to take some time to clean up the garage and organize some of the trash. That way I'll have room to maneuver.

Here's the drivers side door removed.

Here's a look at the passenger side. Not a whole lot noticeably different here.

I removed a few wall mouldings and little pieces here and there in the back seat.

And here's the ceiling.

There's actually not that much to do remaining on the exterior. Drivers side front door and front fender, then the front bumper. The rear bumper needs to come off, and the glass needs to come out. After that, it's time to purchase a reciprocating saw and start sawing apart the frame.

I think it's VERY reasonable to expect the tear down to be finished by the end of the month. Again, that's a very liberal estimate, but I want to set reasonable goals and then achieve them, rather than set impossible goals and fail.

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