Sunday, August 14, 2011

"White Collar" nod to Raiders of The Lost Ark.

I rarely watch television, so when I do, I try to watch shows that are pretty darn awesome. One such show is "White Collar," which is currently on its third season.

To cut to the chase, last season the protagonist Niel Cafferty swiped a ton of art from a German World War II U-Boat. In episode 2 of this season, they showed a shot of the loot as seen from a web cam. If you look closely, over on the right hand side, you can see what cannot possibly be anything other than the lid from the Lost Ark, as seen in "Raiders of The Lost Ark."

Here's a shot of the ark, for comparison.

While it's clearly not an exact replica, the two angels facing each other, on a rectangular, gold plated lid is a pretty nifty homage to Speilbergs masterpiece.

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Anonymous said...

Cool Find! I was the one who provided the Angels to them, they are 1:1 Replica's to the Raiders movie originals! my website is check it out!