Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here I Reveal My Lack of Automotive Knowledge

Honestly, I'm aware of Google. I know how it works. But I just can't get the answers i want from it. I've tried searching for schematics and diagrams, but nothing. Can you help me identify the following three parts, attached to the engine block? Black circle, yellow circle, white circle. Hook a brother up!

Also, I spent about 2 hours tonight pulling things off the engine block. The photo below shows the current state of the union.

I'm weary to remove any more parts until I get the names of those above marked components down, as that will allow me to label the parts I'm removing. Very important to me, as I plan on putting it all back together some day.


David said...

My GoogleFu must be a bit better as I am also not a car guy.
According to this picture, http://www.justanswer.com/uploads/Lejungst/2007-11-14_141019_belt.jpg

The serpentine belt goes through the generator assembly in the black circle so the big part behind it might be the generator.

The white circled part seems to be compressor assembly, air conditioning.

The yellow one seems like it might be secondary air injection pump.

Hopefully this points you closer.

Greg323i said...

Black one is the alternator, generators have not been used in decades. White circle is the a/c compressor and the yellow one is a charcoal canister. It gathers fumes and returns them to the gas tank.